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February 2018

Resources from "DQUAC Connects: Keys to a Successful Summer"

"Six Strategies for OST Professionals"

March 2018

Learn more about the Afterschool Alliance Fact Sheets

April 2018

"The Summer Slide and What We Can Do About It!"

September 2018

Resources from "DQUAC Connects: Your Flock's True North: Energizing Organizational Culture From Any Vantage Point"

Strategies in Mindfulness: Tools and Understanding for Work and Life

October 2018

Laying the SEAL Foundation


March 2019

Anti-Oppressive Practices and Youth Development


April 2019

Restorative Justice through Creative Collaboration

May 2019

I Heart OST PowerPoint

I Heart OST Love Language Table & Worksheet

I Heart OST Appreciation Quiz

July 2019

Safe Spaces Summit materials

February 2020

I Heart OST - Inspiration Animal

I was so impressed with the presenters, who helped me understand my students at a deeper level and provided important insight into what drives their sometimes challenging behavior. Even better, I learned simple routines that I immediately put into place to help my students feel safer, more nurtured, and connected.

—Kellye Crocker, MFA Lighthouse Writers 

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